For many people, identity is a complex and evolving process. This project explores social labels and the often bogus stereotypes that can come with them.

How do we self-identify when our experiences don't align with the identities soceity expects of us?

Our goal is to challenge stereotypes by sharing and connecting people through personal stories and experiences of multiculturalism. We’re striving to dissolve the harmful nature of stereotypes and the discrimination that comes with them. By allowing a safe, accessible, and open place for people to share their unique perspectives, we hope to create more empathy in the world by showing the many ways that we are all connected through overlapping cultures and experiences.

Special thanks to everyone who helped me out with this project.

Interviewees: Rochelle Lee, Inger Stark, Brandy Toxler, Mark Morales, Theresa Ma, and Nick Capello. Thank you so much for graciously offering your time and insight for Overlap. Thank you so much to those who offered their written stories: Victoria Beherens, Pamme Serafine, Emily Laughlin, Rochelle Lee, Derek Fidler, and Jason Kilkenny.

Super extra thank you to Casey Catelli and Merideth Robinson for loaning me their light-filled studio to conduct interviews. Thanks also to Derek Fidler for loaning me all the equiptment in the world.

Last but not least, thank you to my classmates and instructor, Ryan Berkey for helping to guide the project. Thanks to Brandy for her editing advice, production assisting, and support. And to Bruce, you are my internet sensei. Thanks for being so incredibly generous with your time and net knowledge.

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